Purchase returns

/ Purchase returns

Terms and Conditions 

The conditions for returning products of good quality are established by Art. 26.1 ZoZPP. Features of the transfer to the seller of products with a defect are reflected in Art. 18 and Art. 21 ZoZPP.

Good quality products 

Refunds are issued on the basis of a written statement from the consumer within the time period established by law. In this case, the buyer has the right to send a request for a replacement product or a refund. 

To do this, the following conditions must be met:


Based on paragraph 28 of PP No. 612, as well as paragraph 5 of Art. 26.1 ZoZPP, subject to the sale of products whose quality does not match the declared, in addition to the requirement to replace or terminate the contract, the consumer has the right: 
Here, the condition on the preservation of packaging and production attributes is no longer essential. The absence of a payment document cannot also be a ground for refusing consumer requirements.

Return dates 

The term for the return of products from the date of delivery is 7 days. If at the time of transfer of the goods an information booklet was not provided, the conditions and procedure for the return are reflected, then the time period for submitting claims is increased to 3 months.